Simon Brown is responsible for booking artists for the club, and can be contacted by email, or by calling 01603 259799.

Bookings for 2017's programme are now complete, and we'll be assembling 2018's programme in October / November this year.

We welcome jazz artists (soloists or ensembles) from most jazz disciplines to perform at the club. Financial factors tend to limit us to ensembles of up to four or five performers, but we're open to suggestions!

If you're new to the club, please be prepared to send us CD or DVD examples of your work, or provide links to audio or video performances. Links to your website and / or good-quality footage of your performances can be launched from our gig listings and will really help us to promote your night.

If your appearance at Norwich Jazz Club is part of a tour, do please send us any promotional flyers that may be available; and of course we'll be happy to sell your CDs on your behalf during the gig.

NJC at The Maddermarket Theatre Bar St.John's Alley, Norwich, NR2 1DR

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On Monday jam nights guest artists are welcome to use the trio's piano, bass & drum kit (at their discretion). The bar's vocal PA and microphones are also provided, though guitarists please note that it's advisable to bring your own amp.

On Tuesday jazz nights, a 300w PA is provided with two vocal mics, a piano mic, a mixer, and foldback monitoring if required.
The House Trio The house trio are experienced jazz musicians with a good knowledge of the standards repertoire. When backing visiting artists we're happy to perform an evening of standards without charts, but are equally comfortable with chords and written figures if artists have particular arrangements they'd like to play.